Lieutenancy Visits

Guidance on matters of protocol, precedence and ceremonial issues where the Lord-Lieutenant is invited in an official capacity and where a member of the Royal Family will not be in attendance.

Royal Visits

Visits by members of the Royal Family originate in many ways, examples of which include:

  • Invitations from individuals, organisations and companies to open buildings, launch projects, commemorate anniversaries and other important occasions
  • Invitations from national bodies, for instance the headquarters of charities or organisations of which a member of the Royal Family is a Patron or President
  • Invitations received by the Lord-Lieutenant and submitted to a specific Royal Household, or the Buckingham Palace Coordination and Research Unit
  • Requests from Royal Households to Lord-Lieutenants for additional items to add to a planned visit programme

In all cases of locally originated requests, the Lord-Lieutenant should be consulted. She will need to be given a brief outline of the event and likely duration, the period during which the visit is desired (the longer the period, the better), whether a visit by a particular member of the Royal Family is desired and if so, the reason or justification for this.

Such are the demands made on the Royal Family there can never be any certainty that a particular invitation will be accepted.

HRH Princess Anne visits the Royal Norfolk Show in June 2022 (credit: Aberdeen Angus UK)
Buckingham Palace. Credit: Dennis –

Attending Royal Garden Parties

Every year Royal Garden Parties are held at Buckingham Palace.

If you feel that someone in Norfolk has made a major contribution to life in the community, or has provided exceptional service in any other way, you could recommend that they be invited to one.

Note it is not possible to self-nominate for a garden party. Nominees and their guests should not have previously attended a Garden Party.

Contact the Lieutenancy Office to nominate someone for an invitation. Please write ‘Nominate someone for a Royal Garden Party invitation’ as the subject of your message.

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The Bishop of Norwich dedicates a birch grove in March 2021 to mark the first anniversary of Lockdown