The Sue Lambert Trust

Supporting Victims of Sexual Crime

Sue Lambert Trust is a Norfolk charity providing a kind, safe, non-judgmental, and supportive range of services for people who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual assault or sexual violence.

Anyone can self-refer to them and start the process of healing, rebuilding, and recovering.

Making the decision to find out more information about the support they provide is significant and courageous step to take.

Sue Lambert Trust has been supporting people for more than 40 years. Their team listen, care, and give people space and professional support they need to begin healing.

Get Involved

Individual Support

The kindness and generosity of their supporters means Sue Lambert Trust can continue to be there for people who have experienced sexual assault or sexual violence.

They are a small charity and their services are in constant high demand. Being able to provide counselling and support services, for free, makes a big impact.

Corporate Support

Many businesses choose a charity of the year; this means they pledge to support a charity for the period of a year and fundraise for them.

Why not consider making Sue Lambert Trust your chosen charity and get your staff involved in fundraising through teambuilding or fundraising through various events, activities and challenges.