The Humanitarian Medal

The Humanitarian Medal for service in support of human welfare during or in the aftermath of a crisis

On 23 July 2023 the Government announced the introduction of a Humanitarian Medal.

The Humanitarian Medal will be awarded to those in public service and members of organisations that contribute on behalf of HM Government, such as charities, which respond in support of human welfare during or in the aftermath of a crisis – for example, in combating a life-threatening crisis; providing disaster relief or aid provision; whether in hazardous circumstances such as conflict zones or otherwise; both in the UK and internationally.

Lord-Lieutenants will present the medal to recipients in their areas.

The Humanitarian Medal

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The type of service given must focus on humanitarian crisis rather than more broadly humanitarian welfare (response rather than the recovery) and must be in line with humanitarian principles in a domestic and international context. With that in mind, the following types of qualifying service could be applied:

  • Extraordinary, in response to a crisis or emergency stimulus
  • Exceptional, in the sense of infrequently-occurring
  • Planned as a response to that crisis
  • A deliberate commitment of resources
  • Focused to a defined geographic area and/or population
  • Time-limited

Summary of Eligibility

Organisations eligible for the Medal will have been deployed on behalf of, formally funded by or formally endorsed by HM Government.

Organisations such as charities that attend an incident uninvited by HM Government will not be eligible.

Individual eligibility is set out in detail in the command paper linked above.

There is no public nomination process for the Humanitarian Medal.

Government departments will be responsible for developing a case for the Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals (the policy committee for the honours system), following which a recommendation may be made to His Majesty The King for the Medal to be awarded. A clasp will be used to designate each use of the Medal.