Norfolk Challenge Award

The Norfolk Challenge Awards follow on from the successful Awards programme introduced to mark the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Norfolk Challenge Awards recognise people (mainly the 10-13 age but open to anyone) who are contributing in some way to the Norfolk community. They have been developed in conjunction with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards programme to encourage young people to challenge themselves and support this wonderful county.

Successful applicants will receive the Norfolk Challenge Award Badge and Certificate.

Each participant or group of participants should complete the four challenges below, deciding for themselves what each challenge will be, thus ensuring that this Award programme is for anyone and everyone. By setting their own challenges, participants will gain self-reliance, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement while celebrating the county of Norfolk.

With thanks to all those who are making this Award programme possible, especially the Red Sock Charitable Trust, we encourage entries from across the county based on our principles we have established: for the young and young at heart; inclusive; caring for and celebrating our county.

Being active in Norfolk

This challenge encourages any aspect of physical activity or wellbeing that participants wish to take on, from early years play through to sponsored walks or outdoor gyms


  • Taking part in a walk or a cycle ride
  • Organising an outdoor session of yoga
  • A beach run or visit
  • Putting on a performance or show
  • Taking part in Park Run or a 1-mile event – or whatever distance is a challenge for the participant

Protecting our environment

This challenge is about how we look after our County and support our Monarch to protect the environment locally and for the UK as a whole by recycling, reusing and reducing our waste as well as rewilding and improving where we live — or any form of community volunteering.


  • Rewilding areas
  • Protecting insects
  • Planting wildflowers
  • Organising a litter pick and recycling

Learning legacy

This challenge is about any aspect of new learning that a participant undertakes, from learning a new language to finding out more about the history of Norfolk and its people past and present.


  • Visiting a historic site or building in Norfolk
  • Learning a new language such as sign language
  • Finding out more about Queen Elizabeth or Nelson
  • Learning a new technique or way of working such as in Art
  • Learning a new skill, for example building a website

Celebrating Norfolk/your community

We encourage people to take part in any Norfolk-related event or to organise their own – or simply celebrate your community.


  • Organising a party – to celebrate Norfolk Day, a family anniversary, a special day in Norfolk’s history
  • Making an artefact
  • Painting a picture
  • Writing a song
  • Making a video

How to Apply

To submit an entry, please complete our submission form, supplying supporting evidence of the Challenges undertaken, with photographs or videos and/or a letter from a responsible adult.

Getting your Award

Once we have reviewed your submission and accepted it, we’ll confirm your success and arrange to deliver your Norfolk Challenge Award Badge and Certificate.

For groups such as Guides or school groups, we will be happy to consider asking a Deputy Lieutenant to visit and present the Awards.