Design the Badge for the new Norfolk Challenge Award

During the Platinum Jubilee in 2022 the Norfolk Lieutenancy commemorated the milestone with a series of events and initiatives held throughout Norfolk to celebrate the occasion and leave an enduring legacy for the county. One of those initiatives was the Platinum Jubilee Norfolk Challenge Awards, an award scheme primarily aimed at young people but open to all.

Each participant or group was required to complete four challenges:

  • Being active in Norfolk
  • Protecting our environment
  • Learning legacy
  • Celebrating the Jubilee

Successful participants received a badge and certificate indicating the individual contribution of a person towards recognising Queen Elizabeth during her Platinum Jubilee year.

The Lieutenancy wishes to build upon the success of that award scheme with a new award, the Norfolk Challenge Award.

To encourage involvement from the community, the Lieutenancy is launching a competition to design the badge for this new Award.

The Brief

The badge should appeal to all ages, especially the primary audience (10-13 year olds).

If possible, the badge should show a connection with the Lieutenancy and with the county of Norfolk.

The design should work on a round pin badge at a relatively small size (15-25mm as an approximate guide).

We will showcase selected entries on our website and on our social media.

To enter

Simply submit your design by email to as a pdf, jpg or other image file no larger than 5mB. Make sure you have provided your name and email address as well.

You can make the design as simple or as detailed as you like – we simply want your ideas.

We will then work up one or more of the ideas into a final badge design which we will have made for us to hand out to all the Challenge Award participants.


The Norfolk Lieutenancy colour palette is below.
The typeface, should you wish to incorporate in some way, is Perpetua.

Pantone 123 C
Hex: #FCC52A
RGB: 255/198/39
CMYK: 0/22/85/0

Pantone: 186 C
Hex: #C8102E
RGB: 200/14/66
CMYK: 14/100/79/5

Pantone: 3515 C
Hex: #61007d
RGB: 97/0/125
CMYK: 80/100/14/4

Pantone: Black
Hex: #000000
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 0/0/0/100


The Norfolk Lieutenancy’s aim is to serve the local community, in particular encouraging volunteering and promoting mental health fitness especially amongst young people and those in our rural sector.