D-Day Commemoration in Cromer

On 6th June, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant attended a D-Day commemoration held on the beach at Cromer and organised by Cromer Town Council.

The 6th of June 2024 marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day, when Allied forces mounted the largest amphibious invasion the world has ever witnessed. In 1944 Operation Overlord saw over 5,000 ships and landing craft set down more than 130,000 troops on five Normandy beaches in an action that would bring about the liberation of north-west Europe from Nazi occupation.

Marking a national initiative, a beacon was lit at 9.15pm.

“It was particularly evocative to hold the event on the beach in Cromer, bringing to mind the D-Day beach landings with the sound of the waves ever present.”

Michael Gurney DL